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Lenina Crowne Sets Standards High For Thon Performance

THON’s first band to perform this weekend was none other than Lenina Crowne, the indie rock legends of State College. They played a great mix of popular covers and high energy originals.

Their cover of “Jumper” by Third Eye Blind had the entire BJC screaming every word, as well as with their final song, “Hey Jude”. The band consists of 7 members, including guitarists, a bassist, a drummer, saxophone player, cello player, and a lead singer that jumps from guitar to harmonica during their version of “Piano Man” by Billy Joel.

Their covers are the perfect just what the crowd needs and wants, but their originals, such as “Mood”, are the perfect combination of crazy and cool, so regardless of knowing the words or not, the crowd still goes wild!

Lenina Crowne’s unique sound and high energy were perfect for the start of THON 2014, and after a performance like that, the bands for the rest of the weekend have quite the task ahead of them.

Tune in to the THON 2014 Live Webcast

Not everyone can make it up to the BJC for all of THON, especially if the building hits capacity. If you’re trying to stay tuned in with what’s going on, you can watch the live THON webcast here!

You can still donate as well! Check out the donation page here!

Check out our photo album from THON 2014 here! We’ll be updating aas the weekend goes along, so make sure you tag yourself and your friends!

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THON 2014: Songs We Can Dance To All 46!

As THON 2014 begins, the dancers stand and the music is blasting, the energy is high and the stands are going crazy with excitement! With that said, we’ve put together a playlist thats going to keep this party going non stop all 46 hours! So when you’re coming back from those crazy sleep shifts, turn up this playlist on your way back to the BJC and it’ll bring your energy level right back up, no matter what time it is!

So get your hot loops, Fat Heads, tutus, and water guns ready to go and enjoy this life changing experience! See you on the other side Penn State!

THON Dancer Interview: Lindsay Blystone

Here’s Lindsay (Right) with her moraler, Amanda (left) at Color Wars.

Our next dancer in our interview series is Lindsay Blystone. Lindsay is a Senior Criminal Justice major, and she is dancing for Powerlifting club this weekend! We got to talk to Lindsay about this weekend for a little bit, and we will be catching up with her at THON as well!

How were you chosen to dance in THON 2014?

I was chosen to dance for Penn State Powerlifting though a nomination process. After I was nominated, the officers met and chose the two dancers. I was lucky to be one of the two.

What does it mean to you to be dancing in this year’s THON?

Dancing in THON is such an honor. It is such a small sacrifice my body will go through compared to the kids going through cancer treatments. Our THON family lost their child, Connor, to cancer almost 2 years ago so I am dancing for him, as well as all of the other angels that got their wings.

What do you think music’s role is in THON?

I think music keeps the dancers motivated as well as upbeat throughout the weekend. It also keeps the dancers moving which is really important.

What’s one song you want to hear at THON this weekend?

One song that I would like to hear is “Who I Am” by Jessica Andrews. Although it isn’t a fast song, it’s about family. It’s about being who you are and not worrying about the material things, which I think is what THON is really about.

If you could choose one artist or group to perform at THON, who would it be and why?

One artist I would love to see at THON would have to be Keith Urban or Luke Bryan because they are such great performers that really engage the crowd!

Well there you have if from Lindsay, but this isn’t the last you’ll hear of her! We will be hanging out with Lindsay, Jaime, and all the rest of you at THON this weekend! State in the Real will be keeping you posted on all the craziness going on, so stay connected on our facebook and twitter for all the latest! We THON in 2!

Lenina Crowne talks upcoming THON 2014 performance

We caught up with indie rock and roll band Lenina Crowne last Friday before their fantastic performance at the Darkhorse Tavern to discuss their upcoming performance at THON 2014.

With seven members, Lenina Crowne is ready to take THON stage and keep the dancers moving! The band is quite the ensemble, consisting of Eric Faust on guitar on vocals, Mike D. Mulligan on keys, Emma Ripp on cello, Blake Gifford on ukulele, mandolin, guitar and vocals, Nick Rudenko on saxophone, Eric Seidle on bass and Gred Ford on drums.

The band got the opportunity to play at THON by being scouted by THON Entertainment, through the bar shows they consistently play. Eric Faust told us that they were first contacted by THON at the Darkhorse Tavern, after playing a show with a minimal set list and a small crowd, months ago. Faust says the THON Entertainment committee “Seemed to really like us, and were really cool.” The THON entertainment committee came out to a Lenina Crowne show at Café 210 in December, when the band had a much more robust set list. Over break, the band received the email that they were playing in THON.

Lenina Crowne says the focus is on covers to keep the dancers going with songs they know, but will be playing two high energy original songs that they’re sure will keep the crowd excited. Faust says that they have been averaging two or three shows a week, and has a good gauge of which songs are crowd favorites to play at THON. For a sneak peak at their setlist, the band tells me to look out for Jumper by Third Eye Blind, Hey Jude by the Beatles and Float On by Modest Mouse.

“The whole band feels honored to be a part of THON weekend, even as just performers”, says Greg Ford. When discussing their thoughts on THON, Eric Seidle says “”I think THON is really cool because it’s organized by students. It’s so impressive the scope and the scale that they pull off, and they succeed! It’s incredible. Experiencing that organization from the inside and how they’ve treated us has been really fun, and really impressive from all angles.”

Mike D Mulligan admitted “I’m pretty nervous, I’m not going to lie. But it’s going to be really eye-opening. Definitely going to be something that 20-30 years down the road I’ll be like “hey kids, I played in front of 20,000 people in college.”

Seidle told us that cellist Emma Ripp, who played with the band all last semester, has been student teaching this semester and has not been able to play with the band. She will be playing with the band for their THON weekend performance, which Seidle says is “going to be an extra layer of specialness for her to be playing with us again during THON.”

Faust says he has 15 friends who are dancing, and is excited to send them shoutouts throughout the set.

We cannot report the time that Lenina Crowne will play for the sake for the dancers, but we are excited to see them play! Look out for a special surprise from the band during their set this weekend.

THON Dancer Interview- Jaime Pritzker

THON is only a few days away now, and to help you all get ready, we are going to be interviewing dancers for THON 2014 all week! We’re going to be checking in with them during THON as well, and we will be giving you updates all weekend for everyone who will not be able to attend!

Our first dancer will be Jaime Pritzker, who has been chosen to dance independently. She is a senior Broadcast Journalism major and a Delta Gamma sister. We got to sit down with her before the big weekend and chat for a little, and here’s what she had to say:

So, Jaime, you were chosen as an independent dancer, can tell me how it happened? 

Well, we registered online as a pair, me and my sorority sister, Olivia, in the fall of 2013. From there, we raised money like crazy by doing lots of different things like canning, fundraisers in our hometown, and solicitation cards. We were then told that we would be notified via email if we had been chosen on February 6th, from 10pm-12am. During that time, I just kept refreshing the page over and over. Midnight had come and gone and just as I was about to close the page, I saw an email filter in so I opened it right away. All I read was the word “Congratulations” and started crying. I called Olivia to tell her and she just kept screaming “No we didn’t! No we didn’t!”

What does dancing in this THON mean to you?

Everything. Not many things at Penn State mean this much to me, it’s my sorority and THON. The entire school comes together for one weekend and it is really special. You can talk to someone about THON forever. It’s massive and it’s something that is actually life changing, for families, for freshman that walk in for the first time, for the dancers, for the committee members, and, of course, for the kids.  This weekend gives these kids the opportunity to breathe for a minute, to just have fun and not have to worry about their next doctor’s appointment, or constant suffering, even if it is just for a little while. You will never find someone who hasn’t hurt before, everyone knows that feeling and want to help someone who’s going through it, and that’s why THON is so meaningful and so successful.

What do you think the total will be like for this year? 

I don’t think we will ever make less than the previous year, it will always be more, even if it’s by $1. But it’s not about the number, it’s about what we do for the kids. It’s about about the kids that lay up in bed sick that we are able to help through this amazing event. If its $4,000 or $4,000,000, we are helping someone, and that is what THON is really about.

What’s the one song you want to hear at THON 2014? 

All The Way by Timeflies

What do you think music’s role is in THON? 

Music is the #2 thing of THON, aside from having everyone there. It keeps everyone going, they play songs that makes you want to dance, and it’s those songs that carry everyone through the hours. They play songs for every part of the emotional roller coaster that is THON. Music is everything, and it can’t do anything but add to the experience. The line dance is a huge part of THON, and that’s a huge part of THON people never forget.

If you could have one artist play at THON, who would it be? 

Timeflies. They’re huge, especially for a college audience,  and if they played THON, it would be about having a cool added element, not about the concert and the presence of the artist.

That’s all we have from Jaime so far! We will be catching up with her during THON this weekend as well as a few other dancers and kids and families! We here at State in The Real would like to wish Jaime good luck this weekend and have a great time! We will see you all there!