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An interview with Chewi and his first mix-tape details

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Just that kid from MD rocking the Natty Boh and Ravens, Chewi spits heartfelt lyrics that could be cataloged in a Hip Hop library. His rhymes don’t solely focus on puffin’ dro and slappin’ hoes, although it does make a good number of appearances. Instead, Chewi fosters a more mature form of expression that addresses race and wealth. The “keeping it real” vibe oozes from his recently released mix-tape, “Chew On It.” The entire discography can be downloaded at RapidShare [!download|178cg|455945080||128473] for free.

Production on the album was done courteously of Oren Spiegel and his West Halls dorm room. The undeniably catchy hooks and ground shaking beats only add to @ChewTunes’ melodic flow. The entire is mainstream enough to have something for everybody but dirty enough to attract die hard hip hop fans.

The Penn State sophomore started making waves a few months back with his fierce appearances at local house shows at La Casa Blanca. Now with a couple of sets under his belt and his mix-tape making waves across the student community, Chewi is posing himself as an up-and-coming household name. With tracks hot out of the oven, “Chew On It” side steps amateur status and goes straight to a four course meal. Caution, it’s hot!

A new track is set to be released on 4/20, just in time to pass around at smoke sessions. Stay posted!

Twitter: @ChewTunes

Written by: Evan Spacey Ponter


When did you start getting into making music?

  • Music has always been a part of my life. Started learning piano at like 3 but stopped it. I played the sax in middle school and high school, and even picked up the guitar around 14. I’ve been experimenting for a long time but finally started rapping at 18, so I guess you could say I’m pretty new at it.

Your first Mixtape, ‘Chew On It’ officially dropped on April 5th. How long did it take to put the whole thing together?

  • The mix tape took about two months of work from me and Oren. It would start with him giving me a beat, or me giving him a hook and  we’d just build a song from the ground up around one or the other. I’m really glad we got it out in time for summer.

As a whole the Mixtape has a pretty unique sound. Where do you draw you’re influences from?

  • My favorites have always been Kanye and Kid Cuddi, but I’m doing my own thing, I don’t try to copy anyone else’s sound. I just try to come up with my own stuff so I try not to pull from too much other stuff. My life is my influence.

Do you focus on making songs that you think will get other peoples attention, or do you focus on what you want to hear out of it?

  • Mostly my song lyrics from what I’m thinking at the time, everything else comes along to complete the package. The punch lines and the hooks are all for fun, but the goal is to write a good song, not just something that I think will get me heard.

As a new player on the Penn State music scene, what’s your take on it?

  • I feel like my opinion isn’t too weighted because I’m just getting out there, but I think it would benefit from more support from other kids. Like any college campus, there’s a lot of creativity, people just have to give it a chance. Obviously there’s going to be a lot of people going to see Wiz tonight, but you don’t have to go see whose on the billboard, it can be in your own back yard.

Any big plans for next year?

  • Nothing too specific, but definitely working on some shows for summer, and more recordings for next year. Hopefully we’ll have a music video going soon and maybe a new Mixtape  in the fall.

Interviewed by: Christopher Stephenson