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Childish Gambino Releases Rough Cut of "Sober"


Yesterday, Childish Gambino released a new track, “Sober” via SoundCloud. The song is a rough cut from his upcoming mixtape, STN MTN/KAUAI, a Gansta Grillz project involving fellow rapper/actor Jaden Smith. According to an interview with Hot 97 last week, the tape will be released within the next two weeks. This track marks Gambino’s second release in the past three weeks alongside “Candler Road”.

In his new jam, Childish Gambino sings about sobriety, or lack thereof, over airy keys and a funky bass line. “Sober” features no rapping, an interesting change of pace for a musician that includes a verse in the majority of his popular songs. Near the three minute mark, the song breaks into a minimalist drop centered around drunken keys, a guitar solo, and some nasty fuzz bass reminiscent of the drop in “Zealots of Stockholm” from Gambino’s last studio effort, Because the Internet.