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City and Colour Announces New Album & Offers a Sneak Peek For Fans

For fans of Dallas Green’s heartfelt lyrics and thoughtful songwriting, mark your calendars for June 4th! Dallas Green has announced that he will be releasing a new album under his most popular project “City and Colour” on June 4th entitled The Hurry And The Harm.

The track listing can be found at the bottom of this post as well as links to the two sneak peeks from the album that the band has offered up to their fan base.

As a dedicated City and Colour fan, I have followed the project from its debut and very much acoustic album Sometimes, which he followed up with his equally acoustic and successful sophomore album Bring Me Your Love. The band took a different approach when producing their third album Little Hell incorporating a mroe produced and full band sound. Fans were torn between the love they had for the elegant acoustic style that Dallas Green had established for himself and the newer more “plugged in” songs that were on Little Hell. After listening to the two tracks that the band has premiered from the album it’s obvious they are sticking with the same sound they had when producing Little Hell. But Dallas Green has definitely still got it. The songs are absolutely beautiful with the same lyrical genius that Dallas has exhibited on his past three albums.

As a gift to eager fans, a track off this album entitled “Of Space and Time” is available for free when signing up for the band’s email newsletter. You can listen below and if you like what you hear, follow this link for more instructions on how to get the track on your iTunes:

Also, for a short period of time a different track entitled “Thirst” is streaming on the bands SoundCloud featured below.


The Hurry and The Harm Tracklisting:

01. The Hurry and The Harm
02. Harder Than Stone
03. Of Space and Time
04. The Lonely Life
05. Paradise
06. Commentators
07. Thirst
08. Two Coins
09. Take Care
10. Ladies and Gentlemen
11. The Golden State
12. Death’s Song