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DETAILS FOR Clutch, The Sword and Crobot at Levels Nightclub
Start: January 15, 2014
Venue: Levels Nightclub

Clutch, The Sword and Crobot at Levels Nightclub


Start your semester off with a hard-hitting hard rock show. Clutch, The Sword, and Crobot are coming to Levels Nightclub on Wednesday, January 15th, 2014. Tickets are $25, and you can buy them here. Check out the Facebook event page here.

This show will feature central Pennsylvania/northern New Jersey natives Crobot. The band recently signed to Wind-Up Records. Formed by vocalist Brandon Yeagley and guitarist Chris Bishop, the two recorded and self-released their debut album The Legend of the Spaceborne Killer in 2012. The band has their own unique “space rock” sound, which is described as “[conjuring] up sonic ghosts and stories that seemingly were interpreted from crop circles.” The band’s songwriting and style is influenced by sci-fi movies and novels, to try and create something with a unique feel. After solidifying a sound from outer space, they solidified their line up by adding the Figueroa brothers, Jake and Paul, respectively on bass and drums. In the words of Brandon, “Crobot is a collection of like-minded and like-bearded individuals who stand for neither going against the grain or with it, but avoiding shaving all together.” The above information is from the band's website.