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Collin Releases "Haden"

The newcomer Collin has already expressed his production prowess through his Pete Rockish song, “Goodbye“, but now he brings us a new tune to listen to.  Titled “Haden” Collin’s latest jam is an ode to Charlie Haden himself, famous for his bass playing in the jazz sphere.

This song is another chill, smooth jam, but the halting strings give it a little more flavor over the simple snare while the violins carry it to an ethereal realm. If you listen closely throughout, you’ll hear foreboding/triumphant snippets of Jon Stewart’s voice declaring that times are difficult but not hopeless from his 2010 speech at “The Rally To Restore Sanity And/Or Fear”. The song itself sounds like a wishful summer daydream over fresh warm rain, and you’ll be sad it’s over by the time it’s drifted to a close. Looks like there’s plenty more to come from this up and comer.