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Dayglow Happy Valley Night 1: Review

I feel blessed to have the privilege to be back stage, and have full access at Dayglow last night.  Looking over the crowd and watching everyone move to the music, really makes you understand why EDM DJs do their jobs.  It was a sea of love, peace, and house.  There was paint everywhere, and everyone was absolutely loving it! Chuckie, David Solano, Beta Trax, and Nammo, all killed it last night, and they had everyone moving all night.  I had an amazing time last night, and I would say the last hour had to be my favorite part.
Walking in front of the crowd in the press area, you could tell everyone was having the time of their lives.  I was getting hit with balloons, asked to take pictures, given a few numbers, paint shot at me, and so many other things that I can’t even say on here.  All I have to say is, being in front of that crowd, feeling all of that energy, and being right next to a paint gun as it sprayed off, could quite possibly be the most awesome moment of my life! Everyone have a blast (pun intended) at Dayglow Happy Valley Night 2, and continue the love that was brought last night!
Sorry about the video quality/sound, I was right up front, and the BASS was a little loud…


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