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DJ Master Artist Profile: Mike Ginger

Red Bull DJ Master – EDMC Edition (brought to you by Antak entertainment and State In The Real,) is now only 2 days away! The second DJ that we have in the mix is:

Mike Ginger

SITR: How’d you get involved with DJing, or music in general?

Mike: I started with Daft Punk in elementary school before the turn of the millennium. From there it I got into trance from a duo named “Trance[]Control” but that lead me to the original Tiesto stuff and the other big name trance DJs at the time. Early 2000’s I bough my first turntables and has progressed from there.

SITR: Do you have anything in store that you think will help you win the title of DJ Master?

Mike: My mixing style is usually really fast. When I have more than 2 turntables available I enjoy pushing my limits with how many songs I can mix together or double drop and then triple build or whatever. I’m not sure what else I’ve got going for me, but I won last year’s DJ competition at Indigo, so I hope to do it again.

SITR: What is your preferred genre to spin?

Mike: I prefer spinning Hardcore (and old Happy Hardcore) with Drum and Bass. I also enjoy mixing jungle and rave breaks too. But I’ll be spinning EDM for the most part at the battle.

SITR: What is your favorite type of show to play? Club? House Party?

Mike: I spin a lot on The Lion FM, but I really love playing house parties.

SITR: What do you foresee for the future of your own music?

Mike: I make music just for fun; however, I would like to start sounding more professional. My plan is to buy some proper VSTs and Monitors soon which is currently my bottleneck in my production quality.

 Will Mike Ginger have what it takes to win the title of DJ Master after championing last year’s Electric State?
Listen to his battle-winning mix and let us know what you think.
And make sure to come out on the 29th to dance your ass off and vote for your favorite DJ, go to the Facebook Event and RSVP!