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DJ Sizzle Remixes Rihanna's New Club-Banger "Jump"

Rihanna immerses herself fully in EDM in her new track “Jump,” encasing her voice in bass-heavy electro and steely, sharp dubstep. It’s one of the more club-friendly tracks on Unapologetic, playing out like the mainstream collab that Skrillex and Rihanna never made. Such a dancy song obviously deserves some well-crafted remixes from only the most talented of DJs, and luckily, one such DJ has risen forward and successfully revamped the track. He’s from Atlanta, he’s an underground DJ/producer on the rise, and his name is almost as hot as his music. World, meet DJ Sizzle.

Sizzle starts the remix off with a foreboding piano riff, slowing down the tempo of the chorus to match along with the piano. The altered pace adds a delightful and eerie touch to the vocals, intensifying the buildup and making the Ibiza-styled breakdown even more wild. Sizzle leaves out both the verse vocals and the dubstep drops, but the result is surprisingly solid. Where the original skips around with different beats and EDM styles throughout the verses and chorus, Sizzle keeps the remix thudding along with the steady house percussion. Expect to hear this remix blaring in clubs all across the land in the near future, and be sure to add this to your dance party playlist!

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