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DJ Snake Kills This AlunaGeorge Remix

I didn’t think an AlunaGeorge track could get any better, but DJ Snake just proved me wrong. Aluna Francis and George Reid are an electro-pop duo and together they create beautiful music under the name AlunaGeorge. Their track, “You Know You Like It,” has been floating around since 2011 and it’s my favorite tune of theirs. With bouncing synths and Aluna’s husky voice, the song is sleek, moody and sensual. Oh, and it’s so catchy it’s stupid. So when I stumbled across this remix by French producer DJ Snake, I just had to hit the play button. The Parisian artist adds soft synths, throws in some finger snaps and changes up the pace which all bring the song to a whole new level and I’m definitely a fan.

Also, AlunaGeorge just released their debut album last week and I’m glad to say they did not disappoint. Give it a listen if you like what you hear!

DJ Snake Remix of “You Know You Like It”:

Original version of “You Know You Like It”: