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Download Gramatik's New EP for Free!


Gramatik released a 6-song EP yesterday available online at absolutely no cost to his listeners.  Appropriately named #digitalfreedom, Gramatik made this album available for free to protest bills like SOPA that would give corporations the power to regulate and censor the internet.


Although he is widely known for his hip-hop based beats, this album features heavy bass and glitch work.  He said to his fans, “I just wanna say one thing to those who know me only by my chilled out hip-hop beatz: don’t be scared when you hear this EP, my true fans know that I’m nothing if not versatile. Good music is larger than one genre so just open your mind, absorb the vibes and you’ll be versatile too! ;)”


If you’ve heard “Liquidfied” from his EP “No Shortcuts,” you’ll love the sequel, “Solidified” on #digitalfreedom.  Characterized by glitched up rap songs, Gramatik will deliver that laid-back dubby sound that you’ve been craving.  Enjoy!


Check it out and download for FREE here!