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Ease your hectic holiday with Maura Westerlunds live rendition of "Silent Night"

Its that time of year. The semester has ended and the holidays are upon us. Your sitting around the house bombing high-octane eggnog and watching the Christmas episodes of That 70’s Show, but there is a lot on your mind. You’re chomping at the bit waiting for that last lazy professor to post your very last grade (to find out whether or not your GPA is grad-school worthy so you can put off the real world another 2 years,) you’re wondering if you might have to put an old high school friend in a headlock for uttering Joepas name in anything other than a respectful manner on his 85th birthday, and you’re wondering how you can possible buy anyone a reasonable gift over the next few days and still have bar money for the next 2 and a half weeks.

Welp, for the next few minutes you can relax. Let yourself tune-out to Maura Westerlunds soulful rendition of Silent Night. We know all your favorite musicians are doing something similar, but Coldplay and Circa Survive can take a back seat today.

Your gift-wrapping soundtrack has arrived.
-Merry Christmas Hanuka and Kwanza from SITR!