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Red Bull DJ Master – EDMC Edition is now just hours away!

Red Bull DJ Master – EDMC Edition is now just hours away!

Here is our third and last artist profile:

Tawa & Atomisk

SITR: How’d you get involved with DJing or music in general?

ATOMISK: I started playing Saxophone when I was 7, then switched to upright bass & bass guitar, which I was classically trained in and played until I was 13. At the age of 13 I started taking audio production classes at my middle school. I was going through a lot of depression and attempted suicide, then artists like Daft Punk, Steve Angello, Sebastian Ingrosso and Wolfgang Gartner really inspired me to pick up DJing, which really gave me a lot of motivation in life and helped me out during a hard time in my life. I started producing dance music shortly after I started DJing.

SITR: Who do you think is the most iconic DJ in the music scene right now? Who do you find to be the most inspirational?

ATOMISK:I believe that the most iconic “DJ” in the dance music scene right now is Swedish House Mafia. They’ve reached an insane amount of popularity recently. Their sound and the sound of their record labels are extremely defined. The stage production for their “One last tour” is absolutely ridiculous. I believe it is the best stage production any dance artist has ever had used on a tour.

For me, the most inspirational DJ at the moment is Steve Angello (of the Swedish House Mafia). He was one of the first guys that really got me into dance music. I would like to start my own record label and hopefully mentor young talent when I’m older. That’s what he does with his “Size Records” imprint, so I look to him for a lot of inspiration, both musically and from a career standpoint.

SITR: Do you have anything specific in store that you think will win you the title of DJ Master?

ATOMISK: Keegan and I are planning on playing a lot of original music with live elements worked in and layered on top of it. In addition to that, I’m also an edit freak. The music we play in our DJ sets isn’t just an mp3 we download from iTunes. I have a folder of over 250 edits and mashups that I made, that only I have. These mini-remixes and mashups make our sets really unique – No one else can play the same tracks we do because you can’t get them online… Only we have our special bootlegs.

SITR: What is your preferred genre to spin?

ATOMISK: My preferred genre to spin is House – Specifically Swedish, tech, train, and “classic” house. Unfortunately I don’t think most college students would really appreciate it, so I have to work it in with more electro/anthem/prog/commercial house music. You’ll still hear flavors of what I really like to play in my DJ set at indigo though!

SITR: Do you incorporate original music into your set?

ATOMISK: Yes. Our goal for our DJ sets is at some point to be playing all original songs. We’re also trying incorporate a lot of live elements and improvisation By the end of the year we would also like to be able to do a 100% live music set. No DJing, no turntables or CD Players. I’d like to be able to do that now but it takes a lot of time to set everything up from a technical perspective.

SITR: What is your favorite type of show to play? Club? House Party?

ATOMISK: I’d have to say that my favorite show to play is a house party. The bigger shows with a big production can be fun, but there’s nothing like playing your favorite music to 50 of your closest friends. Keegan and I also get booked with bands, shows like Movin’ On are fun because we get to play our music in a setting where you normally wouldn’t see dance music.

SITR: What do you foresee for the future of EDM?

ATOMISK: I’m not quite sure about anything too specific, but I think that dance music will probably fall off in terms of popular and return to a more “underground” scene within the next few years.

SITR: What are your plans for the future of your own music?

ATOMISK: Right now Keegan and I are working on an album together, “Purity in Parallel”. We have about half of the songs done. For me personally, I’m working on an EP as Atomisk and also working on my infamous minimal house side-project known as David Rhythm.

Tawa & Atomisk took home a win from the most recent Electric State. Come out tonight and vote for them if you think they should win the title of Red Bull DJ Master!