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GLOWfest: A look behind the madness!

Still wondering what GLOWfest is? Would you like to know what it’s like running a college EDM tour? Would you like to become part of GLOWfest? Well you better watch this video.  I love the reality show style of this video, and it’s great to get a look behind the scenes.  You might just care about the DJs, and that’s not a bad thing. But for me, after seeing all of the work that some of these big shows entail, this gives great perspective on how hard it actually is.  I saw behind the scenes of the “production” at Dayglow last year, met the organizers, and did a decent amount of work with them.  That being said, I can see GLOWfest reaching Dayglow status. Penn State, we are lucky to be on this tour, because this is about to take off.
Good luck on the start of your tour, and we will see you at Penn State very soon!