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Haim Previews New Single, "The Wire", From Debut Album

Sorry not sorry for the consecutive Haim posts. Last week, I introduced you all to the wonderful band known as Haim (which you can check out here if you haven’t already), and it just so happens that they released a new single today called “The Wire.” For those of you who have been following Haim for awhile now, you won’t be a stranger to this tune. They’ve been known to include this track in their set at all of their live shows and the song has definitely become a crowd favorite. With warm harmonies, a thumping drum-beat and a chorus worthy of shouting along to, Haim definitely does not disappoint. Personally I prefer the live version of “The Wire” over the studio version, but I do love this track regardless. Check out both versions and if you feel the same way, it kind of makes sense since the girls are often praised on their live performances and consider themselves a live band, opting to play a show than hit the recording studio any day.

Studio version:


Daytrotter Session (2012):

iTunes Festival (2012):