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DETAILS FOR Exclusive interviews with Hostage Calm & O Pioneers
Start: February 7, 2011

Exclusive interviews with Hostage Calm & O Pioneers

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Interview with Hostage Calm

Brian: What is the meaning of the words “Hostage Calm?”

Hostage Calm: The term Hostage Calm comes from an unreleased Quicksand song. More specifically it deals with a moment of tension and period to be set free, and having an adrenaline rush as if you were captive. The other aspect of what Hostage Calm mean involves the world taking you at hostage.

Brian: What would you say about the theme of your music and the writing of your music?

Hostage Calm: We don’t write to the name of our music. However, we do have songs that involve various chord changes that depict the horror of the music that we try to illustrate.

Brian: Why did you guys make the change from hardcore to a new scene?  It appears that your current album is much different from what you guys have done in the past.

Hostage Calm: We found that we rds grew up on a punk scene,and it was something that we were very comfortable with. However, we tried to create and shed something that we liked , froma medley of music, but still growing strong to a Punk Scene.

Brian: What are your insights towards tonight’s show?

Hostage Calm : I like the fact that there is a mixed bill tonight, it shows that different people can come here tonight to enjoy various forms of music.

Brian: What is your advice to getting your music out there?

Hostage Calm: Give out your music to as many people as possible, and speak to what is important to you, and try to play where people listen.

o pioneers penn state

Interview with O Pioneers

Brian: What would you say about the name O Pioneers and where did it come from?

O Pioneers: There was not any purpose to the name O Pioneers, but it actually refers to a music scene that has been outdated, just to be catchy.

Brian: What would you say about your music, writing, and style?

O Pioneers: The common theme with the writings of the songs that we write involve an understanding of what darkness and the boring aspects of life.

Brian: What would you say has been one of your biggest most recent accomplishments have been?

O Pioneers: Being able to collaborate with a Canadian band called Junior Battles. They were able to work on some music and also we would like to work on having the same acknowledgement as a band such as Streetlight Manifesto .

Brian: What are your insights towards Tonight show?

O Pioneers: We feel that this is a pretty normal house show, seems like the people here are very welcoming and open to hearing new types of music.

Brian : What is your advice to any amateur musician?

O Pioneers: Follow your heart .