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Interview with PSU Alumni DJ and Thre3Style Judge, Pete Butta

Photo Credit: Rahav Segev/Getty Images North America

State In The Real recently talked with Pete Butta, a PSU alum and DJ. He has a weekly residency at the Lion’s Den, and will be in town tonight to play an opening set at the Red Bull Thre3Style competition. After his set, he will help judge the event. Check out the interview below!

When did you first start your DJ career?
Pete: I started DJing when I was 16, but it wasn’t a career until my senior year of high school, when I got my first weekly residency.

When did you graduate from Penn State/what did you study?
Pete: December 2010 – I got a telecommunications degree, but mostly studied DJing on my own.

What are the main differences between the music scene in State College and Pittsburgh?
Pete: At Penn State, a lot of musicians and DJs are from different areas. I think that causes less collaboration and sharing of resources, where as in Pittsburgh that’s less of the case.

Who are the biggest influences on your music?
Pete: My biggest influences on my music are definitely my mentors. I also appreciate DJs like Diplo, DJ MOS, Fashen, and of course the king DJ AM.

What is your favorite music to spin? Does it vary with the venue?
Pete: It very much depends on venue and crowd. I enjoy playing all music, whatever makes the people dance!

What do you miss most about PSU?
Pete: I can’t pinpoint one thing I miss most – there are so many amazing things about Penn State.

What sets Thre3Style apart from regular DJ competitions?
Pete: DJing in Thre3style is different from any other situation!

What 3 genres did you spin when you competed and why?
Pete: I think I actually spun around 7 genres – Rap, Electronic, Eighties, Rock, Trap, Indie, & House. I wanted to go beyond playing just “3 styles” of music, while keeping it danceable.

What advice would you give to the competing DJs?
Pete: Be confident and show what you can do!!