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Introducing new local band.. The Cid!



State College is full of talented musicians, with new local bands popping up every day, the latest and greatest of these being The Cid.

According to their Facebook, The Cid was formed on a cold day in December 2012. Today, The Cid is responsible for all the world’s problems and all the world’s solutions. The band is made up of 4 strapping young men, Graham Harwood, Emidio Krupa, Johnny Marsh, and Ed Parry, and identifies themselves as being eclectic alternative rock.

“You are The Cid. I am The Cid. We are The Cid. The Cid is an idea, an action. The Cid is focus, apathy, love. The Cid is vengeful. The Cid is music amd silence, classic and new. It is life. Long live The Cid.”

Can’t really figure out what they’re all about? Come see them live! They band is not just background noise at the bar. They like to put on a good show in addition to the music.  There is always a good amount of band banter between songs that keeps people entertained, even with around a 2 minute break between songs.  Their next show is this Saturday night (June 15), around 10-10:30pm at the Brewery. They will have an acoustic act opening for them as well, Jason Schrag. These are exciting times for The Cid, so make sure you get out there and support your local artists!!