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Jasiri X Comes to SOC 119, Stirs Up Ruckus, Rocks the House

That’s right. The one and only Sam Richards brought the provocative, underground voice-of-a-generation Jasiri X to Penn State this week. The occasion? To talk Race and Ethnic Relations (the name of the class), Occupy Wall Street, Trayvon Martin and beyond.

The 4:15 class out starts out with a rousing introduction; this guy has performed from the stages SXSW to the sidewalks of Wall Street, challenging anyone who stands in his way. No wonder Lupe Fiasco hangs out with him!

His drop-by all begins with a Skyped-in endorsement from Sam himself. Then, Jasiri X comes busting out of the literal closet in 100 Thomas, immediately delving into an impressive freestyle. Next, he gives an introduction–who he is and what he does. After showing a few of his own music videos, he facilitates an open discussion of 800 strong participants. And finally, he premiers his new video!

Today, in the succeeding class, students reacted to X’s presence. Controversial opinions abound; but this only verifies Jasiri’s thought-provoking image . He’s a man with a humble, well-presented demeanor, and a tongue that can light a crowd on fire. This Wednesday, he entered and exited to well-deserved applause. The clear consensus is this: whatever Jasiri X is–a political figure, sharp-witted spitter, or something inbetween–he’s the real deal.

Thank you for dropping by, Jasiri X! We’re confident we’ll be seeing you around!

Head on over to Bandcamp to download Jasiri X’s work now!