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Jaymee Dee "Tip Toeing" her way to the top!

If you are searching for a song to get you out of your rainy day blues, look no further. Jaymee Dee’s newly released single “Tip Toes” is a burst of sunshine. Her lyrics are so infectious; she’ll have you singing them in no time. It’s a song about finding unexpected love and all the magical feelings that come with that, like having butterflies in your stomach. Who doesn’t love that feeling?


Jaymee Dee is a singer/songwriter from Southern California. She is a former YouTube sensation with over 16 million uploaded views and over 100,000 subscribers. Having that many views surly got her noticed. This rising star not only recently toured with Owl City, but also landed one of her original songs “Rules” on the Hunger Games Soundtrack. It is amazing what the internet can do nowadays. To all of you fellow YouTubers out there, keep sharing your talents, you never know what can come from it! And don’t forget get to check out some of Jaymee Dee’s exceptional covers, as well as her other original “Love Whiplash”!