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Keegan Tawa Releases New Track "Daybreak" Featuring Vocalist Annelise Gaus

When you first step into “Daybreak,” the newest track from local electronic dance artist (and Penn State student) Keegan Tawa, you’re immediately swept away by the churning currents of synthesizers, establishing a heavy swing and sway that permeates the entirety of the 8 minute dance masterpiece. Singer Annelise Gaus lends her moving vocal work to the record, forming further layers of power and emotion to the already stirring piece. A cataclysmic opening burns like the darkest hour of the night, as Gaus’ clipped and stuttered voice adds a unique synth line to underscore the electro and house. Then an aggressive guitar cuts into the electronics like sunlight slicing through the dark, and a soft piano signals the sun’s inevitable rise. Gaus flutters in like a graceful songbird, cooing “dark turns to light, and I’m so alive,” her gorgeous voice echoing into the heart-thudding buildup that peaks right before “Daybreak” dives into a hip-swaying breakdown. You’d think that 8 minutes would make the listen a tad encumbering, but Tawa and Gaus make it an exhilarating and wild ride. Keep an eye out for future works from the two, and check out the rest of Tawa’s work on his SoundCloud profile by clicking HERE.