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Lily Allen is BACK!

After announcing some time ago that she was retiring from the music biz to be a wife and mother, Lily Allen is officially back with her latest single, “Hard Out Here. Lily’s past two albums were full of songs with messages, and this one is no different. The song talks about the struggles of being a female, and a female popstar at that, sending the message that, “It’s hard out here for a bitch!” The catchy song includes Auto-Tune here and there, but in a way that makes Lily sound perfectly sweet and loving, just as she always has. The song is an instant hit, and it’s message resonates with the listener, even if it’s in a silly way.

The music video for the song pokes fun at all the racey and sexually provocative women we usually see in rap videos these days. As a result, the video includes tons of twerking, ass shaking, and phallic symbols, although it’s clear that Lily struggles a little pulling each of these off. Allen pokes fun at herself and the world in this wildly entertaining song and video. Have a listen below: