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Linkin Park or Linkin Pop?


Yesterday, nu-metal all stars Linkin Park released the first single off of their upcoming album, Living Things, set to drop on June 26th.  The track, labeled “Burn It Down” doesn’t really burn as much as it does bubble.

The aggressive hip-hop and metal that characterized Meteora and Hybrid Theory have been replaced with fizzy pop and electro.  Singer Chester Bennington, whose snarling, angry voice used to cut into hits such as “Faint” and “In The End”, now sounds soft and wounded, dejected even while supported by a mattress of comfy synthesizers.   Even rapper Mike Shinoda sounds different, and his verses come across as more emotive than assertive.  This is certainly a change of pace for Linkin Park, and though it’s bound to bring in a new group of fans, it’s also likely to turn some of their more seasoned fans away.  Is “Burn It Down” a come-back hit or a complete flop?  You decide.