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Local Penn State Band Naked Mondays Releases Slick Original Demos

Kick off your week the RIGHT way: with a hefty dose of Naked Mondays! Penn State students Collin Edgar-Smith, Mick Hickman, Zane Matsko, and Nate Spilman make up Naked Mondays, the four-man band that’s ready to take over Penn State’s local music scene. Their current catalog flaunts a variety of covers and originals, showcasing different shades of hip-hop and indie rock. Their two organic productions, “Rattlesnake” and “To Say The Least,” are surprisingly strong records (and they’re only demos!).

“Rattlesnake” is a hazy cut of alt-rock, misty guitars drifting across the percussion. A drumbeat shakes and slithers as Matsko and Spilman trade off on vocals, depicting a manipulative female who, in their eyes, is akin to a rattlesnake. There are spurts of fun lyricism scattered throughout the track, such as the line “you’re playing me like a song.” The song picks up the tempo towards its final minutes, and the plunking electric guitar closes out the track solidly with an effervescent indie-rock vibe.

Nate Spilman takes the helm of “To Say The Least,” his voice rising above the murky instrumentation. The track flows with a kind of a slow, calculated groove, while Spilman contemplates the motives of a sultry vixen. There’s a bit of grungy rock intertwined throughout “To Say The Least,” particularly in the initial refrain, “I’m entertained…to say the least.” There’s also a definite hint of Weezer in the track, especially when Spilman’s voice rises in the bridge, crying “I don’t know!””

Be sure to check out their Facebook, Soundcloud, ReverbNation, and YouTube channel here!