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Lucid Dreaming Artist Services – The Latest and Greatest in Local Music Industry Matchmaking

A new company, Lucid Dreaming Artist Services, has been launched in State College to create networks among musicians and creative professionals to help support the arts. Lucid Dreaming is similar to a match making service for artists and music industry jobs. These jobs are all equally important in the music industry, such as Public Relations, Graphic Designs, Marketing, Managing, A&R, Social Media, Consulting, etc, and need people who are passionate about local music. The goal is for people involved in the industry to be able to interconnect with the local and national music scene. The company was founded last January, and has since been looking for musicians who need guidance and resources to make their music a viable entity. The company gives people the tools they need to turn their talents and craft into a business. With Lucid Dreaming, you can now be matched up with professionals such as yourself to take care of photography, web design, or any other creative niche involved in the music making and producing process. The video below showcases the amazing music scene and potential that people don’t really know they have access to.

State College Music from EVERMARK Studios – Todd Downs on Vimeo.


Local musicians are the ones working day in and day out, searching for anyone to help them make something out of their passion. These artists need the most support, which thanks to Lucid Dreaming, is now readily available. Lucid Dreaming Artist Services is looking for high quality musicians or technicians that would match up best with each artist that comes their way, and vice versa. If you are or want to be involved in the local music scene and would like to play a role in helping it prosper, check out Lucid Dreaming Artists Services, and their Facebook, to take advantage of all the “services for the creative soul” they have to offer!