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Mane Zatsko Releases New Album

On August 27th, local singer songwriter Mane Zatsko released his second LP Everything. Everything. Mane’s harmonies and lyrical wordplay make for a great collection of tracks. For his most recent album, Mane explores life, love and doubt. “Sunny Grave” is a diverse song with some cool autotune and a unique structure. My favorite song from the album is the single, “Blizzard Under Blue Skies”, a hook driven ballad with a lot of replay value. The two slower tracks, “Atlas” and “Kicking & Screaming” offer contrast to the faster pace of the rest of the album. “Even Trying” has a lighthearted tone and talks about trying to connect with a past acquaintance. If you’re looking for fresh, new music, Everything. Everything. is the Mane attraction. You can buy Mane Zatsko’s album on iTunes or download it at the bandcamp link below.