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Mane Zatsko Releases New Single

The more that I listen to this song, the better it gets. Mane Zatsko knows how to make a great tune. Mane Zatsko is a singer-songwriter at Penn State and with his new single, “Blizzard Under Blue Skies”, Zatsko once again displays his superb songwriting prowess. I really enjoy Zatsko’s catchy lyrics and subtle wordplay. His tranquil guitar chords set the perfect foundation for the melodious guitar leads that are laid out during the instrumental bits of his song. At the finale of this track, Zatsko showcases his stunning falsetto. This and other vocal arrangements in the piece display Zatsko’s amazing ear for harmonies. If this song is a good representation of how his new album will sound, I cannot wait to hear it. You can find Mane Zatsko’s first album, Lifeboats & Anchors, on his Bandcamp or you can purchase it on iTunes at the following link.