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Meet YouTuber HaleyJane Rose

We have hit the second half of summer, and maybe that excitement of your job or internship has worn off….(maybe?)
In any case, if you find yourself roaming around the deep abyss that is YouTube, you should check out HaleyJane Rose! New Yorker and recent college graduate, she is a singer-songwriter, comedienne (well, I at least think she’s funny), and an aspiring actress. Her YouTube channel covers many things, from vlogs (like “How to be a Tumblr Girl” or “Dance Moves for post-grads) to study abroad videos to song covers.
I decided to ask her a few questions about her musical style and the songs she likes to cover.

1. How would you describe your musical style?
Beach girl wanna-be, living in New York. Ahaha! I guess I’d say acoustic pop. My voice is kind of folksier, so I try to play stuff that matches it, but is still unique. I love layering over different harmonies in my songs!
2. What kind of music do you prefer/listen to?
I’m a sucker for anything acoustic or in the singer/songwriter realm. I follow Jason Mraz like a religion, am influenced by awesome ladies like Colbie Caillat & am working on trying to date Ed Sheeran. But most of my favorite bands are alternative/indie pop. Not saying I don’t have Miley Cyrus’ “Bangerz” album on repeat though.
3. What kind of songs do you like to cover?
I have an eclectic mix of covers, which can be pretty different from the stuff I write. I’ve done anything from Matt Nathanson to Guns N’ Roses & Swedish House Mafia with friends. But I think my recent favorites are a Ke$ha cover, and a duet off of Christina Perri’s new album with my super talented roommate, Travis Crowley.
4. How do you decide which songs to cover?
Anything I find myself singing along to! If it gets stuck in my head, I’ll grab my guitar or ukulele and see if I can put my own twist on it. That’s my favorite part – taking songs that don’t seem at first like my style, and making them my own!

If you’re interested in some original songs, you can find some, as she put it, “rough versions”, on her Soundcloud!

And if you STILL can’t get enough of her, feel free to follow her on Twitter!