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Movin' On Battle of the Bands: Check out all the photos here!

I’m sure you all have heard about Wondershop Showdown and Keegan Tawa winning Saturday’s Battle of the Bands. However, if you happened to miss out on the event, or just want to reminisce last weekend, here are snapshots of most of the acts (major apologies to Michael and the Mooncussers and Keegan Tawa for leaving you guys out because you were both great!).

Dave Joyce

Atlas Soundtrack

One Shot Nicky

Brian Kilkelly, lead vocalist from Crooked Oaks

Free Rollercoaster

Asher Johnson from Brethren

Element of Surprise

Flashback Forward

Wondershop Showdown


Wondershop Showdown

Look out for Wondershop Showdown and Keegan Tawa in Movin’ On later this month, when they open up for these guys.

Also, turn on your speakers and take a listen to Keegan Tawa’s set from Saturday here!