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Movin' On Showcase: Kids These Days

With Movin’ On being only a week away, we here at State In The Real are here to be your number one source for everything Movin’ On. We will be showcasing a different band everyday from now until the festival on April 26.  Our first showcase is about the first headliner, Kids These Days. This band, hailing from Chicago, can’t be defined by just one genre. They magically blend hip-hop, soul, blues, and rock together to make a truly unique sound. On top of all this, they throw in a brass section that kicks their songs into a ska-esque vibe. They put out one EP in 2011, and their 2012 album release, Traphouse Rock, was produced by Jeff Tweedy of Wilco. Traphouse Rock is available for free on their website, and all of their songs are available on their SoundCloud. Kids These Days is a perfect addition to the incredible Movin’ On lineup, and they have a strong following after playing festivals such as South by Southwest and more recently, Coachella. VIBE even listened them as 1 of the 10 MUST SEE artists at Coachella, so that alone should be enough motivation to check them out. Be sure to make it out to the field for the opening student bands at 3 pm and then the first headliner, Kids These Days!!