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Movin’ On Showcase: The Wondershop Showdown

The Wondershop Showdown, the 12-piece local alternative ska outfit, have all been rocking Happy Valley for the past 3 years with their pile-driving guitar solos and bright horn sections. The act is made up of all Penn State students, and they’ve epitomized the energy and creativity of Penn State’s vibrant local music scene. They’ve performed at bars and all around campus, and now they’ll be performing for the SECOND YEAR IN A ROW at Penn State’s prestigious music festival, Movin On’. In the midst of dropping their full-length album A Night At The Movies and with more than a few of their members graduating, this is bound to be one of their greatest performances. Make sure to show up at 3 pm sharp, and skank and headbang through their fantastic live set!

We had the opportunity to visit their grand abode and interview a few of the members of the band in person. Check out the video below, and GET EXCITED FOR MOVIN’ ON 2013!