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Must Hear Indie-Pop Dance Remix: "Around Us" (The Chainsmokers Remix) by Jónsi

NYC-bred DJs The Chainsmokers compose billowing remixes that call to mind the glittering nightlife of the illustrious Big Apple. They craft their sound around burly dub drops and sunny synth rays, tackling indie-pop tracks and wrestling them into hard-hitting club anthems. Their latest work may possibly be their greatest, as they mold Sigur Rós frontman Jónsi and his eclectic track “Around Us” into a sky-high slice of dance-pop paradise.

A steady house beat and twinkling keys build into ray gun synth blasts, and as the chorus comes in, the track draws back and then surges forward with even greater intensity into the breakdown. The breakdown itself is pure bliss, as pulsating, bright, and colorful as the club lights The Chainsmokers perform under. Jónsi’s spacious vocals add even further to the track’s sweet and ethereal ambiance, and when the remix ends, you’ll find yourself itching to play it again.

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