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New Bad Rabbits Song "We Can Roll"

If your ears have yet to be graced by the tunes of Bad Rabbits, you’re not alone. Ever since Warped Tour a couple of years ago, they’ve garnered a dedicated fanbase (myself very much included) and once you listen to them, it’s obvious why. Their jams are quite simply the shit; the funky keyboard work plus the jammin’ guitar and soulful vocals go above and beyond the call of funk, and it’s high time America got its groove back on if you ask me. Every person I’ve shown Bad Rabbits to has immediately become hooked, but if you don’t believe me, listen to their brand new single “We Can Roll”. Their first album’s sound was already so tight and different that I didn’t think it was possible for them to get better, but after listening to this new song, it’s obvious they’re going to exceed everyone’s expectations. Hopefully this release is a sign we’ll quickly be getting even more music from the band! Until then, I’ll have this on repeat. BR all day!