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New Music Tuesday – October 29th

Happy Tuesday State In The Real Readers! This week we have a special treat for you! Up first we have the talented Miss Olivia Price with her brand new EP Leave, followed by Hellogoodbye with their new album Everything Is Debatable and finally Moonface with Julia With Blue Jeans On. Enjoy!

Olivia Price – Leave EP

Olivia Price is a student here at Penn State and one part of the popular local band The Fairweather Pilots. Although, she is dedicated to her band, over the past few months she has been working on her solo project and finally it has been tossed around and poured over long enough. The day has finally come for this local singer songwriter, a benchmark in the mountain of success, the day she releases her first EP, titled Leave.

The excitement is flowing and tensions are high as she awaits fan reactions but she has nothing to worry about. She has worked long and hard in preparation for this EP; she wrote and sang simply beautiful songs that came from the heart and although is been a long hard road it will surely pay off.

Last week she released her first single “Leave” which was a huge hit with local listeners and Fairweather Pilots fans. In an official statement Olivia said “all the songs share a common theme. The CD is a compilation of several songs I wrote about one personal experience, and I really want to utilize them all to tell a story. That’s my goal in music: to use it in its ideal form, through creating an intimate connection with my listeners” and she has done just that. Through this EP you get a chance to be carried inside of the emotions that are held within the music and thus feel a more personal connection with her.

With support from family and friends she has completed a journey and with that it is time to end one chapter and begin a new in the book we call life.
I could go on but I have already said too much, I will let the music speak for itself.
You can listen to the album and download for free on Olivia’s band camp site so go check it out right now!

Hellogoodbye – Everything Is Debatable

Its been nearly three long years since Hellogoodbye pulled a fast one on us with Would It Kill You?. In a matter of seconds they went from the creators of cutesy electronic synthesized pop songs such as “Dear Jamie” and “Here In Your Arms” to masters of folk laden pop tracks.
Now that they have gotten our attention and have shown themselves to be versatile and talented, not to mention serious, musicians, they have dropped another bomb on us and this time around it is in the form of Everything Is Debatable.

Thank Jesus, the synths are back and, more tasteful and vibrant than ever. The tracks are layer upon layer of exuberant electronic pop goodness. I would love to call this album “grown up” but it is far from adult. The music style has grown with the generation and the sound has followed every step of the way.
Go listen to the newest album from Hellogoodbye today!

Moonface – Julia With Blue Jeans On

Since January 2010, Spencer Krug, ex-member of Wolf Parade and Sunset Rubdown, has been all alone out in the big scary world doing his own solo project under the name Moonface. The LP, titled Julia With Blue Jeans On, which began while he was living in Finland, contains two simple elements, Krug’s voice and a piano.

Up until this point Moonface has been a venue to host the imaginative home-recordings and instrumental experimentation. Motivated by the depression of a breakup Krug decided to reinvent the Moonface persona and put it to good use. Quietly and subtly Julia With Blue Jeans On appeared from the dark depths. Because of its deep rooted seed the album brings about a great sense of intimacy and self-reflection.

This album is beautifully stitched together but don’t take my word for it, go see for yourself.

Other albums being released this week include: Kelly Clarkson – Wrapped in Red, Gabriella Cilmi – The Sting, Juana Molina – Wed 21, Arcade Fire – Reflektor, Hellogoodbye- Everything is Debatable, Los Campesinos! – No Blues, Protest the Hero – Volition, Sky Ferreira – Night Time, My Time

Hope you enjoyed this week’s edition of New Music Tuesday! Check back next week to see what popular new albums are out, but until then, keep it real.