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New Music Tuesday – October 8th

This is a huge week of album releases for the pop punk and hardcore music genres!  First up we have a compilation album titled OFF THE BOARD: A STUDIO 4 FAMILY COMPILATION, by producer Will Yip. A Day To Remember successfully self-released their album Common Courtesy. The pop punk band, State Champs, release their album, The Finer Things, and Mayday Parade is out with Monsters In The Closet. Panic! At The Disco is back with another unique album. Finally, When The Night by electronic pop band, St. Lucia was released today, Dance Gavin Dance dropped their new album Acceptance Speech, and many, many more! Whew! A massive week indeed!



One of the most sought after music producers in both local and indie music scenes, Will Yip, released a compilation titled, OFF THE BOARD: A STUDIO 4 FAMILY COMPILATION.

This compilation features many un-released and exclusive songs from bands such as Title Fight, Circa Survive, Balance and Composure, Man Overboard, Citizen, Turnover, Daylight, Koji, Tigers Jaw, Polar Bear Club, Dead End Path, Sainthood Reps, Mongoloids, None More Black, Light Years, Pity Sex, and Anthony Green. The most thrilling news is that many of the songs on the album were written specifically for this project.

This compilation is unique in that it was recorded, mixed, and mastered all at the same studio. This was possible because Yip partnered with award-winning producer Phil Nicolo, who produced big names such as Bob Dylan and Bon Jovi. This allowed him to nearly throw the budget out the window.

There are big expectations for this album and you won’t be let down. To get your copy of the album check out the Studio 4 website, but you better hurry because there are some special offers you don’t want to miss out on.


A Day To Remember – Common Courtesy

A Day To Remember: need I say more? Despite being in a heated legal battle with Victory Records, the boys from ADTR have pulled it off! They have kept their promise to their fans of not letting anything stand in the way of their music, and today, they are triumphant. They have released their highly anticipated new album titled Common Courtesy.

ADTR fans hold the band to a certain expectation, so when viewing all of the teasers and fan videos from the House Party Tour, which ADTR is currently headlining, it is exhilarating to see that this album exudes their signature sound that we have all come to know and love. This album features the classic popcore anthems with their bruising breakdowns, brutal screaming versus and soaring lyrical choruses, which the band is so well known for. The tracks practically drip greatness>>> with every heart pounding beat.

Because of the ongoing lawsuit that has been hindering the band they have had to release this album all on their own, which is a huge deal because of the time and costs that go into an album release. Personally I would love to see Jeremy McKinnon, the lead singer, screaming the face off of the Victory Records CEO, but sadly I don’t see that happening in the foreseeable future, so I must settle for the alternative… back the band.

We have had faith in them; our hopes have been high and our heads down low, loyally waiting in angst for this new album to drop. But today is the day: A Day To Remember, overcoming obstacles and fighting off the man, all while producing the music we all go ballistic rocking out to.

We need to prove that we are still on their side and support them through this rough time, which means buying the shit out of this record. So make your purchase right now! You can get the digital exclusive of Common Courtesy on the ADTR website.

Much respect for going it alone, we are forever by your side ADTR. Wall of death! Ready, go!


State Champs – The Finer Things

The Albany, NY based pop punk band, State Champs, have just released their second full length album, The Finer Things.

Many fans are blown away with the more mature sound that the band has been producing lately and they are pumped for an album full of energetic pop punk and sailing vocal melodies.

After the first single off of the album, “Elevated”, went up for streaming, fans from across the board were taking notice and they only had positive comments to offer. One fan stated “I immediately knew that this album was going to be ridiculous.” I am sure there will be no disappointment there.

You can see State Champs on tour this fall with Motion City Soundtrack, Bayside, and What’s Eating Gilbert. But don’t wait till then to listen to the album: go listen today.


Mayday Parade – Monsters In The Closet 

The pop rock band from Tallahassee Florida, Mayday Parade , is out with their fourth studio album titled Monsters In The Closet.

This is one band that has stood the test of time. They successfully released their first album, Tales Told By Dead Friends, which sold over 50,000 copies, with no label support back in 2005 and have only grown since then. There is something to be said about a band that can stick together through 4 studio albums in eight years.

Derek Sanders lovingly stated “I am so proud of everyone in the band, we’ve come a long way these past 8 years and each person really stepped it up and killed it with Monsters In The Closet. It’s hard to believe we’ve made it through 4 albums – We’ve become more comfortable with our sound with each one and this is my favorite of all of them. Thank you all for the support, we love you.”

Mayday Parade always takes me back to a certain place in time. They have the same consistent style through every album, including ballads about love and heartbreak. But they also manage to make me want more every single time.

If an album release isn’t enough, you can catch Mayday Parade on tour this fall headlining the Glamour Kills North American tour along with Man Overboard, Cartel, and Stages and Stereos. They will be kicking it off in their home state of Florida on October 11th.

Panic! At The DiscoToo Weird To Live, Too Rare To Die!

Panic! At The Disco are back with their fourth album, Too Weird To Live, Too Rare To Die! We’ve already heard the songs “Miss Jackson” and “This Is Gospel” from the new album, and they’re unlike anything the band has done in the past. This album is very eclectic, and shows again that this band really does whatever they want, regardless of preconceived notions that people may have about the band or what genre they should stay in. They’ve followed Fall Out Boy a little bit with this album, in that they’ve released an album less focuses on their instruments and more on writing huge anthems, regardless of genre. If you’re interested, you can stream the album here!


St. Lucia – When The Night

Jean-Philip Grobler, the electronic pop artist behind St. Lucia is releasing his debut album today, titled When The Night.

This album is full of upbeat synthpop that features Gobler’s incredible vocal range. Many of the tracks are full on pop songs with a remarkable mix of synth and sax that emits a catchy dance vibe. With a few other tracks, the album reaches a more subdued, dreamy place where rhythm and self reflectance intertwine to create a perfect balance.

No matter what your taste in music is there is, something about this album you can find to fall in love with. It is definitely worth taking the time out to listen to this brilliant album.


Dance Gavin Dance- Acceptance Speech

Dance Gavin Dance is a band that has transcended the bounds of music genres, but that also has never made a bad album. They gather fans wherever they go and continue to grow and create good music along the way.

Many fans didn’t even think that the band was still together, let alone making a new record (after some drama with an ex-lead singer). But believe me, they are alive and well. They have been putting together a new album that seems to be flying under the radar in the post-hardcore music scene, which they are most well known in.

For fans that are on top of things, this album release is a defining one for the band. The release of this album signifies that they don’t need any idiocy to make good music, they don’t need to conform to any particular band member, and if anyone wants to hold them back, there’s the door.

Similarly to the other DGD albums, this album is unique. So for a good solid listen visit the link below where you can stream the whole album for free.


Other albums out today: BANGERZ by Miley Cyrus, We Need Medicine by The Fratellis, Melophobia by Cage The Elephant, Frame By Frame by Cassadee Pope, Bitter Rivals by Sleigh Bells, My Name Is My Name by Pusha T, and Before It Caves by A Loss For Words.

Hope you enjoyed this week’s edition of New Music Tuesday! Check back next week to see what popular new albums are out, but until then, keep it real.