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New Video: State Patty's Day Rap

With the most hated/loved weekend at of the year at Penn State commencing in a few days, Penn State TV’s After Hours made this rap video about the day!  I think it is pretty funny, and obviously love the F*** You Jerry Sandusky part.  What do you think?
So here we go again one week after THON / you come to Penn State, there’s a party going on / so many hot ladies up and down the block / just call me ‘Fred Flintstone’, I’m gettin’ my rocks off.
Wake up 6, cause there’s a party at 8 / having all of my friends coming over to my place / knock-knock, uh-oh, someone’s at the door / “Is it the cops?” No, it’s just more ‘Coors’.
I gotta stock up, you know this day’s insane / I get my ‘Vladdy, my Natty, and my ‘Hurricane’ / I’ve had so much Gumby’s I might be sick / way too much cheese on them pokey sticks.
I’m decked out in green like my name is Bruce Banner / On my way out the door, you can call me Graham Spanier / m********* said we couldn’t rhyme with ‘orange’ / well I guess he never heard of a goddamn door hinge.
Standing in line at Indigo / chances of getting in? / They’re probably zero / It’s okay, yeah I’m still cool / or at least that’s what my mom tells me.
By 7 at night, I’m totally wasted / my friends from out of town are being arrested / trouble busting in from out of state / and I can’t even get me a ‘Shamrock Shake’!

I play beer pong like Larry Bird / with super short shorts, my game is absurd / sinking red cups on the left, and the right / if you bounce that shit, you can say “goodnight!”
State Patrick founded this holiday / if he was still around this is what he’d say / “We just having fun, so let us be / We Are – Penn State f*** Jerry Sandusky!”