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Notorious B.I.G. + Tom Petty = WHITE hot PANDA jam

I’ve been a big fan of mashups since I first heard an album called Night Ripper by Girl Talk. The intricate blend of all these different songs that I loved was, in my opinion, the coolest thing to happen to music. And then I heard The White Panda. I was blown away at how easily and fluidly these two guys took songs that I grew up loving and mixed them with songs on the radio now. Even better, they mashed-up hits with songs that I thought no one else knew about. I love putting on The White Panda at parties, or somewhere where people are expecting your typical rap/dancey/edm music, and surprising them with a mashup containing all of those. So often, the beginning of the track has people dancing, and then when the mixes start to overlap I get, “Whoa wait! What is this?! This is awesome!!”

And it is. I especially love how The White Panda can produce a little 2 minute jam, but can also create a whole album of mixes that flow together so well. I can drive from Cincinnati, OH to Philadelphia, PA and not have to worry about my playlist ending, or coming up on a song on my iPod that’s not quite fit for a 10-hour car ride. The White Panda’s music is consistently mind-blowing and makes me appreciate music in a whole new sense. It’s almost impossible for me to pick a song that showcases The White Panda and all that they do, so here is the song that started it all for me: