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OFWGKTA Live In Philly

Packed front row for the OF show

As a big fan of Odd Future I was beyond excited to finally see them live at the Electric Factory in Philadelphia this past weekend on Friday night!  The show was incredible to say the least.  And hot. Like… REALLY hot.  It was a sold out show and everyone and their mother was there (there were literally a few adults there, one of whom was dressed in a swagger gorilla suit).  Before they started performing, Jasper Dolphin and Taco came out to present a preview for Odd Future’s new show on adult swim called Loiter Squad, a Jackass-type program featuring pranks, sketches and delinquency by various OF members.

Jasper and Taco present Loiter Squad

We got to watch a skit called “The Armless Dentist“… yeah so that should give you a pretty good idea of the level of idiocy produced in this show.  Naturally we all loved it haha.

For some reason Syd Tha Kid (OF’s engineer/DJ and member of the subgroup ‘The Internet’) was not at the show which forced member Taco Bennet (Syd’s brother) to act as MC… that had it’s ups and downs to say the least.  He kept messing up during song changes and the transitions were abrupt and awkward at times, but he got the job done!  He did get everyone hyped for the show though, starting out the preshow playlist with some Waka Flocka Flame!  I got hyped as hell when he played Karma, everyone was jumping around screaming the words and pushing forward to get closer to the stage.  After the crowd was sufficiently psyched for the show, all the members came running out and people went wild!  I fought my way as far forward as I could until I was nearly at the very front against the barrier.

I was disappointed by how far the barrier was from the stage, the Electric Factory wanted to dissuade stage diving by the artists but that has never managed to stop them before and it didn’t that night!  One of their non-musical friends, Nakel, who was touring with OF stage dove right on top of me and the people around me during one of the crazier songs.  It was awesome until some asshole wouldn’t let him get out of the crowd, literally grabbing him from behind until one of the managers literally attacked the kid and forced him to let go to protect Nakel.  We all grabbed the jackass and threw him over the barrier to the bouncers, what kind of “fan” attacks a member of the group they’re there to see?

Tyler pointing out fans he recognizes from the first few shows OF did in Philly

Tyler, The Creator was constantly pointing out people in the audience, finally explaining later in the show that he kept seeing people that he recognized from previous Philly shows including the first one they ever did in Philly.  I thought that was really cool of him that he actually remembers the hardcore fans like that who have been there since the beginning.  Tyler has always said Philadelphia shows are his favorite, and not just because his manager, Christian Clancy, is from the city of brotherly love.




I be like hello, play them corners like their cellos It go crazy in the streets when the hype gets mellow

Hodgy Beats definitely stole the show though.  He did the most rapping the whole night constantly screaming at the crowd and keeping everyone hyped.  Whether it was a MellowHype song (producer Left Brain and rapper Hodgy Beats’ duo) or a song from the New Odd Future Tape Volume 2 (which they performed a LOT of) Hodgy killed it.  Hodgy Beats on the hypest track off of the OFT2, 50 by MellowHype, had everyone screaming the hook “Sock a busta in his jaw, fuck the police break the law!”  The pit behind me opened up and the blur of black and white kids running at each other with swinging arms and legs was insane.

All in all the show was incredible.  As a huge OFWGKTA fan I was so pumped to finally see them and they did not disappoint.  Tyler and the rest of the gang were obviously tired from touring for so long; Tyler said that they were exhausted and touring wasn’t very fun at the moment but they still gave 100% at the show.  They’re in the UK at the moment swaggin’ out all the Brits, hopefully the rest of the tour goes well!  Loiter Squad on tonight at 11:30 on [adult swim].




Also they played Mr. Rogers while we waited for them to start. Swag.