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Penn State DJ, Nammo, to open for Steve Aoki at Electro Beach in Puerto Vallarta!

Penn State DJ, Nammo, is getting the opportunity of a lifetime this Spring Break in Puerto Vallarta.  He will be opening for world famous DJ, Steve Aoki, at the Electro Beach Festival, which will be held for throughout Spring Break.

HERE is a link to the “Electro Beach” page, where you can see the official announcement, and event information.

“This is unreal. I’ve dreamed of one day making to the big stage in front of thousands of people and now, thanks to fratmusic, I am. I can’t wait to take full advantage of the opportunity in front of me. ran a competition “Become an Electro Beach DJ” where you submit a video of yourself DJing. The contest was run and the DJ that got the most votes on their video won. I was the judges pick.”

You can find more Nammo tracks HERE.

Check out Nammo on facebook, and Twitter.