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Please, listen to "Locked Out of Heaven"

I’ve never been a huge fan of Bruno Mars. No matter how many pianos he’s carried for me or how many lighters his fans have raised in the sky for him, I haven’t been able to get into the musical styling of Bruno Mars. This is, until I heard “Locked Out of Heaven.”

A few weeks ago, I watched an episode of Saturday Night Live where Bruno Mars was the musical guest and I was absolutely blown away by his performance of the song “Locked Out of Heaven.” He and his band are fantastic live musicians, and the song itself is incredible. After I finished watching the show, I downloaded “Locked Out of Heaven” and I haven’t been able to stop listening to it since. It’s always the first song I listen to when I turn on my iPod.

“Locked Out of Heaven” is a really catchy tune and the verse reminds me a lot of The Police. The whole song is a cool throw back to the 80s with a dash of Bruno Mars sprinkled on top. The harmonies during the chorus are beautiful and I find that Mars’ vocal talent is showcased quite well. So please, if you have any prejudice against Bruno Mars’ music, get rid of it and listen to this song.