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Port Vue Releases Single From Debut EP

All Your Wishes - EP coming soon

Penn State band Port Vue released a teaser for their new EP earlier this semester, and now they’re giving us their first single as a well deserved homecoming present.

“Happy Homecoming from Port Vue!” says the band as they give us the rest of the teaser song they released last month. The track “What You Wish For” is a cautionary tale about finding out that what you think you want may not be what you’re looking for after all.  I love the guitar on this song more than any other aspect, the cool rhythm  comes in first followed by the steady tempo of the drums.  I asked the band for their opinions on how the song came out and they said, “We all enjoy playing it because it turned out to be a more dancey song than some of the others off of the album; crowds really seem to react well to it. Another thing that we all really enjoy is after the last pre-chorus the final chorus jumps around with different repeating parts until the end.” This is definitely the kind of song that sounds even better live so I’m hoping to hear these guys play soon! As we move farther into the fall, fans are getting more and more excited to hear this EP.