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Possibly Apostrophe's New EP: The Frost Sessions

Frost Sessions (And Other Auditory Happenings)


When we last checked in with Possibly Apostrophe, they had just released a few singles from their newest EP, The Frost Sessions (And Other Auditory Happenings). The videos (see below) show them recording their larger sound (Funky Intervention) that was quite a contrast to the more laid-back, spacey vibes found on the debut Bison Bison Sessions. The guitar riffs range from  James Brown to 80’s hair metal with swinging enthusiasm. And, as usual, the rhythm section pounds out the funk anchored by Jon Keller, whose bass sounds like the illegitimate love-child of Vic Wooten and Les Claypool (proof: Funky Intervention video below 1:20-1:40).

The four track EP is available now as a free download (or a name your price purchase) at their bandcamp site.



If the guys in the video look familiar it’s probably because you’ve seen them performing in State College (including this past THON) as cover band Public Domain. Jon (bass), Seth (guitar) and Tim (guitar) are still active in the band, and I would definitely recommend seeing them if you get the chance.

If you enjoy what you hear, like Possibly Apostrophe’s Facebook to show them some love and keep up to date with their news and announcements. Pat (drums) tells me they are already working on new material.