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PSU Hip-Hop Artist Releases "One-Take" Video To End Year Long Hiatus

After taking off more than a year and a half from releasing, the King of Prussia native and Penn State student Malik Elarbi is back with one of his most intricate videos to date. Directed by Miles Cable, the single take video will have you going back over and over looking for all the hidden messages Elarbi leaves in the background. Combined with the always-impressive production from Aaron Cipala, the opening piano line will have you hooked from the get-go. Not to mention the phenomenal engineering from Nick Kermelewicz that will have you humming the hook in your head for days to come.


Following two co-ops at Unilever and Johnson & Johnson to support his field of studies in Finance and Supply Chain, Malik has finally found a way to balance his interest in business along with his love for music. Starting in January, Malik will be heading to Seattle for a third co-op with Amazon before returning to The Smeal College of Business in Fall 2015 for the final two semesters of his senior year. In the off time, Elarbi also launched Malik Elarbi Studios to support undercover artists in his hometown of King of Prussia, PA. Keep an eye out for more releases from Elarbi in the near future!

He might have taken a break, but in true Penn State fashion, Malik is back and better than ever.

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