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Red Bull Play and Destroy at Cafe 210 – PSU Students release their inner DJ

Red Bull is bringing Play and Destroy to Cafe 210 to give PSU students a chance to become one with the iPod and release their inner DJ.

This competition is not for the faint of heart, its going to take someone with a DEEP music library and a passion for awesome tunes to emerge victorious. You all know the type. That guy/girl that rolls into the party and immediately cruises over to the stereo to override whatever crap-playlist the host put together, with the simple request of “YOU HAVE TO HEAR THIS F*CKING SONG!”

This is their time to shine.

Sixteen iPod DJ’s will enter, and the one who emerges victorious wins a free pair of custom Red Bull headphones.. Free cover at Cafe 210 for the year.. $100 bar tab.. and a Plaque on the freaking wall. This event is going to be awesomeness personified.

If you know one of the DJ’s, come out and support them. If you don’t, come out for an amazing time!

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Red Bull+Vodka for $3.50 9-11 then $4.50 till midnight!

And just to get you pumped, here is a recap video of a Play and Destroy competition that was held in Georgia..

Video by Zak Kerbelis