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Relax during study week at Penn State

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SPA presents Relaxation Week

Is the imminent threat of exams looming over your head and stressing you out? Do you feel you need some time to unwind a little before the semester ends? Well, worry no more and  start thinking of taking your exams on a beach because the Student Programming Association presents Relaxation Week once again!


Monday, April 25, through Friday, April 29, there will be a myriad of activities and fun to help make your week of exam preparation a little easier. All the Relaxation Week activities will take place in the HUB from 11am -3pm and, as always, everything is FREE! A complete list of what you can start getting excited for is as follows:


Monday: Massage Chairs and Stunner Shades (spin art sunglasses)

Tuesday: T-shirt shop (print a saying/photo on a T-shirt)

Wednesday: Sign Shop (print a saying on a sign)

Thursday: Photo Dry Erase Board

Friday: Wax Hands


Come to the HUB and take some of the load off of your busy day!