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Snoop Dogg arrested for weed..Business as usual

While conducting a routine inspection at a US-Mexican border checkpoint, Customs agents found almost an ounce of weed in the 40 year old rappers tour bus. Snoop admitted that the marijuana was his, and has been released. He now stands to spend up to 180 days in jail if convicted of the misdemeanor charges.

According to, “police were said to be alerted by a sniffer dog to a red prescription bottle containing several joints inside, believed to amount to half an ounce of the drug.”… If you’ve ever watched a marijuana documentary on Netflix, and have at least a tenuous grasp on standard units of measurement, you’d know that half an ounce divided by several joints comes out to some gnarly-huge joints

This is at least the 6th time that Snoops been arrested because of marijuana..
I guess its comforting to know that in a world that’s always changing, some things stay the same.