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Hello, Hello, Hello…

Ya’ll remember “Solo Dolo” by Kid Cudi from the album Man On The Moon?  I think it was a legit song, but maybe a little slow for my taste.  I prefer upbeat and happy songs, especially during this lovely spring weather.

I woke up this morning and flicked on the television, and heard this commercial:

“Up Up & Away” is one of my favorite Kid Cudi songs!  That commercial got me in a upbeat and energized mood because of that song alone.

When I listened to “Solo Dolo Part II” which will be on Kid Cudi’s new album titled, Indicud set to release on April 23rd, I had to laugh!  I made a connection!  Kid Cudi must have slurping some of that new Kickstart drank, because “Solo Dolo Part II” is wayyyyy more upbeat than “Part I.”

listen for yourself:

It doesn’t hurt that Kendrick Lamar Jumps on this song either.  I think he brings a slightly different dimension to the song.

I cannot wait to check out what else Cudi has to offer us.  Make sure you purchase his new album Indicud out on April 23rd!