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Song Review of the Week: "Satellite" by The Wanted

The Wanted, the UK-bred boy band that is partially responsible for the “boy band comeback” that seems to be sweeping the nation (the rest of the blame falls on One Direction), released their self-titled U.S. debut on Tuesday. The 7-track release is full of smooth-talking songwriting and club-themed production built around layers of hooks. Though they have yet to release it as a single, the track “Satellite” seems to be The Wanted’s most solid record, maybe even more so than “Glad You Came”.

Penned by famed producer, songwriter, and OneRepublic frontman Ryan Tedder, “Satellite” is an optimistic love song slightly similar to Katy Perry’s smash hit “Firework.” The song starts slow amongst a throbbing synthesizer and a steady club beat, while the different members of The Wanted take turns singing, focusing presumably on a female lover. The pre-chorus and chorus are effortlessly catchy as the vocals ring above the atmospheric house music. “Satellite” has a bit of an 80’s touch to it, and Tedder’s superior lyricism grants the song an added dimension, “We can take on the bodies of angels, away from everyone.  Touch as we circle the world, you and me on the run.” Check it out!