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Song Review Of The Week: "Warrior" by Kimbra, Mark Foster, and A-Trak

What do “Somebody That I Used To Know”, Foster The People, and EDM have in common?  They’re all partially involved with Converse’s newest segment of its “3 artists, 1 song” campaign.  “Warrior” features Kimbra, who is the female counterpart in “Somebody That I Used To Know,” Foster The People frontman Mark Foster, and electronic DJ A-Trak, who’s remixed for the likes of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs and Kanye West.  This trio combines the best of their musical talents to create an upbeat, disco-swathed dance hit that’s marinating in 80’s pop.

A-Trak’s frenzied, funkifed synthesizers spring and bounce through kick drums and claps, and Kimbra’s cool, breezy voice acts as a good base to counteract the acidic beats.  Mark Foster comes in to join Kimbra in the chorus, creating a fun and sunny throwback to the days when parachute pants and shoulder pads were all the rage.  The two vocalists compliment each other well, and the lyrical theme of strong and rebellious youth rings clearly over A-Trak’s in-your-face production.  The bridge plays out in true Foster The People fashion, as Mark Foster sets off the instrumentation with a cheerily unsettling wail.  It may not be the most conventional of pop tracks, but then again, that’s the whole point of “3 artists, 1 song.”  This isn’t your standard collaboration; these are three groundbreaking musicians who are coming together to combine their musical influences to create a cohesive, catchy hit.

Between “Warrior” and Converse’s previous track “DoYaThing” (which if you haven’t heard, you’re seriously, honestly, sadly missing out), Converse seems to be on the right track with these “3 artists, 1 song” releases.  You can download the track for free here.  Also, make sure you watch the video.  It’s pretty awesome.