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Staff Pick – Music I'm Thankful For: La Dispute

This past year I dove into La Dispute… deep.  They bring a chaos that I love to my favorite kind of music.  They know how to throw you around with their dynamics like a tilt-a-whirl. But it’s not the dizzying kind that makes you sick, more of the “that was fun let’s do it again!” kind.  When you first hear them, Jordan Dreyer’s voice stands out the most.  He doesn’t carry a melody, but he definitely carries passion in every word.

The guitars bring a jazzy feel to a hardcore scene.  The drums fill any void that may be left in the clashing of genres.  They go as far as keeping up with the guitars in the song “The Last Lost Continent.”  Vocals aside, (which is a prominent part of what makes La Dispute, La Dispute) these guys wrap you up in the tempo and make you wanna move your feet.  They are one of the most unique bands out there today.

Dreyer’s poetry should be praised by the masses in my opinion.  “Rise said the boy to his lover. Darling get up, I brought you my love and brought it far.  Leave said the girl to her lover.  I’ve given in.  If love is a bridge, we built it wrong.” He sets up for these lines too.  I can’t stress enough how Jordan works wonders with his words.  He can build you up and give you the feeling of confidence and unity.

This year, I’m thankful for La Dispute.  Thanks fellas.